About my Patient Access

As access to and delivery of healthcare gets more challenging, Canadians are calling for better ways of managing their health and their health information. They want simple, efficient approaches in a secure environment that respects their privacy.

my Patient Access was developed out of this need.

my Patient Access is a simple, convenient and secure online approach to managing your health information, your way, 24/7. It offers you instant online access to your personal health record, your physician’s appointment schedule and other healthcare-management tools. With my Patient Access, you will be able to manage your health information better and engage in more productive discussions with your physician about your health.

my Patient Access is available to patients whose physicians use the Canadian Patient Access ehealth system.

Basic services, such as scheduling appointments with your physician, eAlerts and electronic appointment reminders, are complimentary. Enhanced services, such as accessing lab results, requesting refill reminders and communicating with your physician online, are available through an annual subscription, which you can pay either online or directly to your physician’s office or clinic. Physicians offering my Patient Access to their patients have customized plans that will best fit your needs.

To view different plan options, please click here. To learn more about plan options, please visit our sign-up page.

Secure patient portal features

Your password-protected identity with my Patient Access lets you and your physician access your medical records and communicate in an online environment that is private, protected and completely secure—at any time, day or night, weekends or holidays.

The portal includes tools that enable healthcare providers to safeguard your health information. Canadian Patient Access Inc. has also developed company-wide security and privacy policies that ensure the safeguarding of personal information through physical, administrative and technological measures. These safeguards include:
• Conducting regular threat-risk-assessments and vulnerability tests
• Enforcing strict username and password policies
• Implementing strict access controls to patient information
• Regularly monitoring potential and actual security breaches
• Strict hardware and software management and monitoring procedures
• Enforcing staff and contractor compliance with company security and privacy policies.

For further details on how we protect your information, please review our commitment to privacy.

my Patient Access service levels

Many services are included at no charge, subscription packages can be upgraded at any time.


















eAlerts (electronic notifications that you’ve received a message from your physician’s office)

Patient reminders (electronic reminders of appointments)

Patient education (online documents recommended by your physician)


Cumulative Patient Profile (your medical record, including immunization records)

Not included

Lab results

Not included

Prescription refills

Not included; can be requested on a pay as you go basis for a nominal fee.

Not included; can be requested on a pay as you go basis for a nominal fee.

3 x online refills per year included.


Not included; can be requested on a pay as you go basis for a nominal fee.

Not included; can be requested on a pay as you go basis for a nominal fee.


2 x eConsults per year included.